Am I eligible for the S4G programme?

Please see our eligibility guidance page.​

How do I sign up?

Please register your interest on the How to Apply page and we will contact you with an application pack.​

Grant FAQ

When is the deadline for grant applications?

Midday on Wednesday 5 May 2021 is the deadline for submitting your application.​

Can I use an S4G grant to part fund a capital expenditure project (new property/buildings, etc)?

Land/building purchases are not eligible. Machinery and equipment are eligible in this grant programme. Other types of capital expenditure may also be eligible, please check the Guidance for Applicants for all eligible and ineligible costs before submitting a full grant application.​

What other types of costs can I use an S4G grant for?

Our Guidance for Applicants details all eligible and ineligible costs.​

Can I use my own or staff time (or other benefits in kind) to contribute to the 65% matched element of the grant?

No. Unfortunately you cannot use staff time to contribute to the matched element. Please see the Guidance for Applicants for more details of eligible costs.​

What size can my grant project be?

We will award grants between £10,000 and £40,000, funding up to 35% of project costs. The information below shows how this is split out. NB - you are not restricted to applying for the exact values mentioned below, these are reference points only:

Grant: £10,000 | Private Match: £18,571 | Total Project size: £28,571 | Jobs created: 1.2​

Grant: £20,000 | Private Match: £37,143 | Total Project size: £57,143 | Jobs created: 2.4​

Grant: £30,000 | Private Match: £55,714 | Total Project size: £85,714 | Jobs created: 3.8​

Grant: £40,000 | Private Match: £74,286 | Total Project size: £114,286 | Jobs created: 4.7​

How long do I have to complete the project submitted in my grant application?

If your grant application is successful and once due diligence checks have been undertaken you will be able to begin your project and you will have until December 2022 to complete it.​

What is the cash flow profile? Will there be an upfront payment?

Payments are quarterly in arrears based on your submission of a mandatory quarterly report which will include details of costs incurred and associated evidence.​

Can other public monies I have secured (InnovateUK, Research Councils, etc) be used to fund my project contribution?

No.  A key reason for the existence of the Scale Up 4 Growth programme is the encouragement of growth in the Gloucestershire economy through private sector investment. As a result, other public monies are not an eligible form of match funding.​

Does a grant under S4G affect de minimis State Aid?

No. S4G falls under a separate EU State Aid mechanism (General Block Exemption Regulation).​

What is the time frame for the due diligence checks and will I be liable for additional costs associated with the process?

The due diligence time frame is dependent on the type of business and grant size but we anticipate this taking place July to August 2021. There are no additional costs associated.​

Is there anything I need to be aware of with regard to VAT?

If your company is VAT registered the S4G fund will reimburse up to 35% of your net costs.​

​ Grant application deadline:

Midday, Wednesday 5 May 2021

Please note, if successful, your project must

be completed by December 2022​

" The vision we have is to create a business  that encourages young people to join us…so the S4G grant gave us the opportunity to engage with UWE and their students...my legacy to this company will be that I grew a company of young enthusiastic engineers and that’s the future!" ​

Rod Oldfield, GF Micro

Training & Support FAQs

When is the deadline to apply for other training and support under S4G?

There is currently no deadline for submitting your interest in applying for other training and support. This will be clarified as we launch the workshops.​


Is there a cost for workshops and other support?

No. The workshops and other support are free of charge.​


Does other S4G support such as workshops, business diagnostics and 1-to-1 support affect de Minimis State Aid?

Yes. This type of S4G support falls under de minimis State Aid, an approved EU mechanism for State Aid.​

The De Minimis Regulation allows small amounts of aid – less than €200,000 over 3 rolling years – to be given to an undertaking for a wide range of purposes. If you use this mechanism, you don’t need to notify or get approval, but records of aid granted must be kept and all the rules of the De Minimis Regulation must be followed. The State Aid Manual gives more detail and standard text for communications: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/state-aid​

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